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Create A Library Of Unlimited Custom Shortcodes & Insert Them Into Your Posts And Pages Within Seconds

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Easily create tabs, buttons, boxes, sliders and carousels, responsive videos, and much more.

Post Snippets plugin lets you build a library with snippets of HTML, PHP code, or reoccurring text that you can reuse in your posts and pages.


Snippets Insertion

All defined snippets are inserted from a button directly in the WordPress editor.

Custom Shortcodes

Create your own custom shortcodes and insert them into your posts and pages.


The Manage Snippets page makes it easy to add, edit, and remove snippets.

Custom Variables

Create custom variables for each snippet and reuse them for your posts and pages.

Buttons & Quicktags

Snippets are found in the (visual) WordPress editor with a button and the HTML editor with a quicktag.


Each snippet can have as many custom variables as you like, which can be used on insert.

Snippet Import/Export

Easily import and export snippets between different websites within seconds.

PHP Code

Shortcode snippets can optionally be processed as PHP code that can be used on page or post.


Full documentation is available directly from the help panel in the plugin (top right in WordPress).


Snippet duplication

Easily duplicate shortcode snippets and insert them into posts and pages.

Rich Text Editor

Use Post Snippets’ builtin Rich Text editor to customize your snippets however you want.

Snippets Order

Change the order of your snippets simply by using the drag and drop functionality.

Rest API

Allow anyone the right to add, edit, update and delete any snippet without providing them admin access.


Use the tags feature to add multiple tags and filter different snippets by using tags.

Cloud snippet

Save, edit, download, and delete snippets directly on the cloud by using the cloud snippets feature.

Gutenberg Block Editor Support

Gutenberg block types can support any number of built-in core features such as name, icon, description, category and more.

Snippet type

Display the snippet types (PHP, JS, CSS) by adding a column in the snippet listing page.

Gutenberg Blocks

It provides a component to add a plain snippet source in Gutenberg builder; code appears on the front-end but won’t run.

Elementor Blocks

Elementor gives a Post Snippet component to add snippets with PHP running, styling, shortcode power and a Post Snippet Origin block to view plain snippet contents.


Yes, You Can Use Code Snippets On A Non-WordPress Website Via Post Snippets REST API.

Yes, You Can Export The Snippets From The Plugins Settings Page.
Yes. The Gutenberg Editor Has Support For Snippet Codes.
As Many As You Want, That’s The Best Thing About PostSnippets.
Absolutely, You Can Easily Duplicate A Snippet Using The Post Editor.
Yes, PostSnippets Has Support For WordPress Hooks. You Can View The Documentation For More Information.

What do our users say?

Great. Good infos on the plugin page itself, I appreciate. Took me 1min to understand the shortcode doesn’t allow space in the name and the magic happened! It’s gonna help a lot for many things !
This plugin is a life saver! It allows dynamic stuff without any need to edit the actual WP core. Works perfectly even in Divi components, and doesn’t seem to slow the site at all (as long as your own php is optimized, obviously).
This is exactly what I needed for my event listing section! Thank you. It’s working just the way I wanted.
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