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  • Navigate to Admin Dashboard → Post Snippets  Options.
  • Once you’re on the Options page, all the options will appear.


1. Exclude from Custom Editors

  • Click on the Exclude from Custom Editors checkbox to hide all the created snippets from the custom post types editor window.

2. Complete Uninstall

  • Click on the Complete Uninstall checkbox to delete all the snippets, snippet data, and plugin settings when the administrator deletes the plugin.

Duplicate Snippets

3. Allow Duplicate

  • Click on the Allow Duplicate radio button to allow the duplicate snippets while importing the snippets from the file.

4. Replace Duplicate

  • Click on the Replace Duplicate radio button to replace the existing snippets with the newly imported snippets of the same name.

5. Do not Import Duplicate

  • Click on the Replace Duplicate radio button to not allow the import of any duplicate snippet and leave the existing snippets unchanged.

NOTE: In the Duplicate Snippets section, the Administrator can only select one option at a time.

  • Once done, click the Save Changes button to apply your settings.
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